WALK WALK WALK – Benefits of Walking

Walk is very important for healthy life. 10,000 steps a day grants active and healthy life. Or even walk for a 30 minutes gives  a lot of benefits to our health. So every person must be engage in walk at any time in a day although morning walk gives more benefits. We have usually seen lot of people in parks in morning and evening  that are engaged in different activities like walk, exercise, running and even kids are playing. As in parks there is lot of greenery so people find fresh air and oxygen. If you feels rush in park, you can even go for walk on roads where there is some greenery planted and there is no traffic so that you can get fresh air instead of pollution.

Some people choose to walk at home. Yes, you can even walk at home at one place. You will find lot of videos on internet for walking at home.  For walk, most important is you must wear comfortable shoes otherwise it can create pain in foot or legs. Daily walk bring lot of benefits that are listed below:

      • Helps in loosing weight : Now a days, the biggest challenge is how to loose those extra pounds, that join us in our journey of life.  Regular walk helps to shred extra weight and make body fit and active.
      • Controls High Blood pressure : Blood pressure is also connected with daily walk. Regular walk and exercise drops some points of blood pressure who constantly have high blood pressure as walk relaxes the blood vessels that helps in controlling high blood pressure.
      • Improves Digestion : It is very important for our digestive system to work properly as ingestion can leads to various problems like heaviness in stomach, vomiting, loose motions, acidity, etc. So daily walk keeps digestive problems at bay. Slow walk after meals helps in digesting food.
      • Helps in producing Vitamin D : The only source of Vitamin D is sunlight. So everyday walk in morning sunlight helps in producing Vitamin D in our body. So we will get double benefits by walking as it  will keep us fit and fulfill our Vitamin D requirement to some extent  as well.

    • Reduces Stress : According to researchers, brisk walking everyday for 20-30 minutes boosts up our energy levels which in turn increases endorphins that will automatically helps in reducing stress hormones. So reduce your stress by walk.
    • Reduces risk of Diabetes :  Diabetes occurs due to many reasons that involves poor diet, obesity, bad lifestyle, lack of exercise, etc. Daily brisk walk for 30 minutes reduces the risk of having diabetes.
    • Improves Heart Health : Daily walk gives many benefits. As we have discussed that regular walk  helps in controlling risk of high blood pressure, obesity , diabetes. when we are at bay from all these problems, it will keep our hearth healthy.
    • Prevents Dementia : Dementia means memory loss or poor memory. Researchers have proved that regular walk prevents dementia to some extent as it improves brain function and memory and also boosts up physical abilities of person.
    • Delays Aging : Regular walk for around 30 minutes not only keeps us fit but also keep us younger and delays aging.process.

Above all these benefits there are some other benefits of regular walk that improves our overall health. These benefits are fights some types of cancer to some extent, increases lung capacity, strengthens bones and muscles, improves memory, increase productivity and creativity, improves sleep, reduces hypertension and risks for heart attacks, help in toning the legs  buttocks and abdomen, uplifts mood, builds social support, boosts immune function, reduce fatigue and keep active, etc.

So you must  walk everyday for atleast 30 minutes for enjoying its benefits.

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