Should we do Exercise/Workout during Mensuration/Periods??

Exercise on regular basis is the best thing you can do for your health as it has many benefits. It improves your health and makes you fit. Doing exercise on  regular basis may seem difficult at first, But once you are into  routine, it becomes part of life and you will feel  good and relaxed. What about exercise in periods?? Many questions come in your mind when your periods begin. Exercise during periods sounds weird. But in real it is quite beneficial. Probably exercise is the best thing you can do in your periods. Yes this is true. You should get rid of bad thought that you may leak if you are doing exercise in periods. Many types of myths are there regarding exercise in periods. But not everything is true. If you are suffering from any period disorder than exercise may be not good for you so you should consult your gynecologist before doing any type of exercise. Neither study has found negative effects and health risks from working out during your periods.

Exercise helps in relieving period related annoyingness like fatigue, headaches, and anxiety. You can get many benefits by doing exercise in your periods. Some researchers and doctors have recommended exercise is beneficial to reduce menstrual pains. You do not have to do very tough and hard exercises. You can get benefits by doing simple exercises at your home.

Here are some few exercises that you should do in your menstruation cycle :-


Yoga is highly recommended in periods as it promotes relaxation, improved mood, increased blood flow and muscle strength. It is one of the best exercise you can do in your periods. Yoga also helps to relieve your cramps and bloating. All women are different. For some doing any type of heavy work in period is very difficult and for others that is not a big deal and they are completely ok with that. You can do some easy yoga aasans at home. But whenever you feel uncomfortable or pain while doing aasans, immediately stop yourself at that point and do not stretch your body for longer time.


Cycling is a great way to deal with periods, cramps and bloating. Cycling has some unique benefits to reduce pain such as improved joint mobility and muscle strength and stronger bones. Hormonal change in your periods gives you unpredictable mood swings. Cycling can actually helps you to get out of bad mood. Cycling also burns calories fast and give your energy levels a lift as it wires your brain to release dopamine (a chemical that makes you happy).


Sounds weird but it is actually true. You can do swimming in your periods. Water pressure can stop your flow temporarily while you swim. But when you get out of the water your period will flow again normally. Swimming can actually help to relieve cramps caused by your period.


Many women mistakenly believe that they should rest during menstruation. However, resting can actually make cramps worse. Aerobic exercise and stretching can help relieve cramps. Cat/cow, seated twist and glute lifts are a few stretches that can help with menstrual cramps.

Deep Breathing

Centering breathing is good in periods. Start with a few cycles of normal breathing, then on your next inhale, take a slow, gentle and deep breath through your nose. Follow with a slow, gentle and deep exhale through your nose. Go back to normal breathing for a few cycles. Repeat this cycle 10 times.


Cardio dance classes are great for women during period. Dance improves your mood and boost your energy. You will feel different kind of energy during dance which makes us happy. In periods mood swings are normal but dance makes you feel good. Dancing helps to reduce your cramp and make more endorphins in your body. Most of the professional dancers does not leave dancing during periods.

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