Keep your toddlers far away from Button Batteries/Cells

Button cell/batteries are small round cells that can be found in everything like greeting cards, children’s books, remote controls, bathroom scales, calculators, cameras, games and playing toys but when swallowed, these batteries can be hazardous to a child’s health.

Coin sized lithium batteries possess a strong electrical charge when out of the electronic unit. If swallowed by children they become in food pipe and react quickly with saliva. This reaction causes injury to the soft tissue and can result in serious injury in just 2 hours. Continue reading “Keep your toddlers far away from Button Batteries/Cells”

WALK WALK WALK – Benefits of Walking

Walk is very important for healthy life. 10,000 steps a day grants active and healthy life. Or even walk for a 30 minutes gives  a lot of benefits to our health. So every person must be engage in walk at any time in a day although morning walk gives more benefits. We have usually seen lot of people in parks in morning and evening  that are engaged in different activities like walk, exercise, running and even kids are playing. As in parks there is lot of greenery so people find fresh air and oxygen. If you feels rush in park, you can even go for walk on roads where there is some greenery planted and there is no traffic so that you can get fresh air instead of pollution. Continue reading “WALK WALK WALK – Benefits of Walking”

Onions – An inexpensive and easy remedy for Hair growth

Onions are king of every kitchen as they are used in almost every Indian dish and brings delicious taste to every dish.  Although they made us cry but in log run they will make us happy and laugh as they are loaded with lots of benefits whether consumed in raw or cooked form Continue reading “Onions – An inexpensive and easy remedy for Hair growth”

Important facts about Drinking Water

Our body consists of 60-70% of water. So it needs enough water for proper functioning of its organs (brain, lungs, lever, heart), tissues and cells. Less intake of water can leads to dehydration that can further add up problems in our tissues. In this blog we will cover some important topics as how much water we should drink in a day, benefits of water and water intoxication. Continue reading “Important facts about Drinking Water”

Is it safe to eat Papaya during pregnancy?

There is a lot of confusion as to every pregnant women whether to eat papaya or not. Researchers and doctors has defined that unripe or raw papaya is harmful for a pregnant women as it can leads to bleeding in placenta. In old era,  people believed that papaya was used as successful tool for miscarriage and abortion. Continue reading “Is it safe to eat Papaya during pregnancy?”