Mobile/Tablets – Harmful for toddlers/kids

In today’s time mobile phones, tabs are essential for all of us. From babies to old age grandparents all are habitual for this modern technology. No doubt mobile phones make our work easy and we can complete our task in few time. But the truth is that we all depend upon these phones or tabs. Extra usage of phones and tabs are harmful for all of us. But did you ever notice that how harmful these things are for our kids or toddlers.

Video and online games also limit the kids budding creativity and imaginations and slow their motor skills and optical sensory development



Disadvantages for kids/toddlers using mobile phones or tabs :


 Harmful for eyes

The bigger concern is that screen use could incite permanent vision problems. In a study published in November, researchers in Italy recruited 320 (3-to-10-year-olds) and examined their vision in various ways. They also tracked how long the kids spent in front of screens each day. They found that kids who spent more than 30 minutes a day playing video games were more likely than other kids to suffer headaches, eyelid tics, double vision, and dizziness.

Over stimulation

Over stimulating them with media – particularly in an age of tablets with endlessly streaming, hard-to-ration videos and flashy interactive games – may cause an imbalance in part of the cerebral cortex called the basal ganglia. It’s the part of the brain that allows us to pay attention to critical tasks and ignore distractions. Such overstimulation could lead to problems in later life, particularly with focus, memory and impulsivity.

Kids Postures

Toddlers and babies use most of the time mobile phones or tabs. So it increases the chances of bad postures. You should notice that how your child sits or lies in bed. If they take more time to sit in same position it may harm your child spines or neck also.

Kids make tantrums

It is quite possible your kid make tantrums for using mobile or tabs. He/she starts crying or denying for having food or many more tricks kids have to make their wish fulfill.

Avoid Sleeping

When your toddler is desperately obsessed with phones or tablets they did not find anything around their selves. Mobiles or tabs prevent children from sleeping.


We are often stationary when we use a device, so if a child is addicted to one, they are not moving while they use it. That means limited physical activity, which increases the likelihood of weight gain. Even if apps are found to have educational value, toddlers still learn better from experiences in the real world than they do from equivalent two-dimensional representations on screen. For children aged between three and five, it’s entirely possible that a well-designed app can help improve vocabulary and basic math’s skills. “These devices also may replace the hands-on activities important for the development of sensor motor and visual-motor skills, which are important for the learning and application of math’s and science.”

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