Important facts about Drinking Water

Our body consists of 60-70% of water. So it needs enough water for proper functioning of its organs (brain, lungs, lever, heart), tissues and cells. Less intake of water can leads to dehydration that can further add up problems in our tissues. In this blog we will cover some important topics as how much water we should drink in a day, benefits of water and water intoxication.

How much water we should drink in a day?

Every person has his/her own body structure, size, height and weight so water intake requirement varies from person to person. Generally it is said that we should drink 6-8 glasses of water in a day but men and women both have separate requirements.

Researchers has defined that women should take 2.7 liters of fluid in a day and men should have 3.7 liters of fluid in a day. Fluid means not only water but also includes other drinks, juices and food. Approx. 20% of the fluid requirement is fulfilled from the food we eat. So it is suggested for a women to drink atleast 2 liters of water in a day and for a men to drink  atleast 3 liters of water in a day.

Benefits of drinking water everyday 

We often get lot of benefits from various fruits, vegetables, salads, diary products, etc. Drinking water itself has ton of benefits and it is also calorie free and inexpensive. Other source of water can be watermelon that is 100% water by weight. Beverages as milk, juice and herbal teas  mostly  consists of water along with it contains other ingredients too like sugar, fats, carbs, etc. So atleast 70-80% of the fluid requirement must be fulfilled by water only. Below we have discussed some benefits of it:

    • Maximize physical performance – This is the fact that drinking enough water increases stamina and physical performance of a person. This is the reason athletes do not face problem of dehydration as they are in continuous process of drinking water during their sports activities.
      • Treats Headaches – Headaches are most commonly treated with painkillers . But this is  temporary relief measures that cannot last long and even possess serious health effects in future. There are different type of headaches like sinus headache, cluster headache, stress headache, migraine. All these headaches can be treated with consumption of water in adequate amount regularly. In headaches, common symptom is fatigue that can be well treated with drinking adequate water.
      • Relieve Constipation –  Constipation occurs when we suffer from dehydration in colon.Drinking plenty of water keeps body hydrated and colon too. So when body is well hydrated i.e presence of plenty of water, we get soft and easy stools or bowl movements.

    • Treats Kidney stones –  Kidney stones are formed as a result of building up of dissolved minerals. Basically it is composed of calcium deposits and some other compounds. These can be small or large in size. Having  lemon can help in breaking these stones and drinking enough water helps in removing these stones through urine. These is also called water therapy.
    • Helps in Weight loss – Another amazing benefit of drinking water is it helps in weight loss. The more water you will drink, the more it will keep tummy full, hence leads to less hungers and food cravings. But one thing you must keep in mind that the water you drink should be normal or mild warm. It means you should not drink cold water as cold water will not helps in weight loss as is also not good for health.
    • Keeps body temperature normal – The normal body temperature is considered as 98.6 °F. However body temperature ranges from 97°F to 99°F throughout the day. Researchers has confirmed that drinking adequate water keeps body temperature normal and to some extent it also decreases when body temperature is high.
    • Lubricates and cushions Joints and also protects sensitive tissues  – Drinking adequate water helps in keeping required moisture in  the bones, tissues, cells, brain that gives benefits to us in lubricating our joints that prevents cramps and sprains. Water also helps in protecting our spinal cord which further prevents backaches.
    • Boost immune system and relieves fatigue – Generally people feels fatigue and low energy when they are dehydrated. Proper water intake relieves one’s from fatigue , gives a lot of energy and increases immune cells that boost our immunity  and keeps our body alert.
    • Flushes out toxins – Our body internally produces various toxins when it is  functioning or when we eat something. So it is very much important to flush out these toxins as if not done can create various health problems. Drinking enough water flushes out toxins through urine and detox our body. In other words, we can say it cleans our system.
    • Improves Skin health –  There are various types of skin. Some have dry skin or some have oily. One must drink adequate water to keep skin cells hydrated that keep balanced moisture in skin . Moreover water intake also flushes out toxins from body that make skin clean, clear and healthy, keeping wrinkles at bay.
    • Improves Heart health –  Dehydration leads to improper blood circulation that imposes more pressure or strain on heart, which will further increase our heart beat. Generally it can give rise to two problems – High blood pressure and high cholesterol. So drinking enough water will keep body fully hydrated, improves blood circulation and improves overall health of heart.

Water Intoxication

Water intoxication is the outcome of disturbance in brain function caused by drinking too much water. It is also known as water poisoning . Our body weight consists of 60%-70% water. Every cell, tissue, organ, brain needs water to function properly but as we know excess of everything is bad. Drinking water gives a lot of benefits as discussed above but drinking too much water leads to many  problems like headache, vomiting, nausea.

Drinking excess water increases amount of water in blood. This water can dilutes electrolytes in blood, especially sodium. When sodium levels falls below required level it causes hyponatremia. This also causes swelling in tissues. Excess water intake leads to accumulation of fluids in brain which can cause serious problems like seizures, brain damage or coma conditions.

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