Keep your toddlers far away from Button Batteries/Cells

Button cell/batteries are small round cells that can be found in everything like greeting cards, children’s books, remote controls, bathroom scales, calculators, cameras, games and playing toys but when swallowed, these batteries can be hazardous to a child’s health. Coin sized lithium batteries possess a strong electrical charge when out of the electronic unit. If … Continue reading "Keep your toddlers far away from Button Batteries/Cells"

When to Introduce Water to Babies?

Water intake is very important for everyone. but question arises that is it too important for infants or babies?So the answer is No. Water should not be introduced to babies before 6 months. Before 6 months, babies get all the hydration from breast milk or formula milk even in hot weather.

Best Cure for Diarrhea in Babies

Diarrhea is usually caused by gastrointestinal infections caused by germs that can be viruses, bacteria or parasites. Its symptoms includes  vomiting, high fever, Blood in stool or high volume of stools in a day, dry eyes (No tears while crying), etc. If any of the above symptoms persists then you have to consult your pediatrician. Usually … Continue reading "Best Cure for Diarrhea in Babies"